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Warren Bishop

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Metal Buildings

SEDC’s Pre-Engineered Building Division is focused on all types of commercial and Industrial steel building structures. Steel buildings allow many forms of construction to be achieved at lower costs. These structures can take the form of churches, retail centers, self-storage centers, aircraft hangars, gymnasiums and a list of many others.

As a Kirby Building Systems Authorized Builder (, we are able to act as the supplier and/or the installer. This means we can be the General Contractor; building the project turn-key entirely from the ground up, including site preparation, all building components and interior finishes.  We can also perform as a Subcontractor; supplying and installing just the steel building system. SEDC will service the needs and wants of each client. This ability to adjust to the client’s wants and needs allows us to be flexible in the marketplace and stay competitive when bidding. Discounts are also achieved when purchasing from the authorized dealer, due to volume and support.

These attractive buildings are an alternative to any conventional building system. They allow for large spans and difficult designs to be achieved.